The Brand

A V A L Y N & L U L U 
[av-ah-lin + loo-loo]
Model in Recycled Veronica Brown Swimsuit
Who We Are
Avalyn & Lulu is an independently owned Swedish swimwear and resort wear brand. We are a slow fashion brand that believes in quality and sustainability and in building a wardrobe that stands the test of time. Our goal is to create styles that make the wearer feel beautiful and confident, season after season.

- Founded by Linna & Cecilia
The swimwear collections are designed in our atelier in Paris and found exclusively in our online boutique. Our collections are limited but carefully put together. With a minimal design approach and classic details from the 70's, 80's, and 90's trends, our swimwear is timeless yet modern. The swimwear is made in recycled fabric.
Real Slow Fashion
The resort wear collection follows our philosophy of slow fashion. The pieces are made on-demand and by hand in our Paris atelier. The fabric used for the production of these pieces is deadstock fabrics sourced from factories around the globe.
The factory, where Avalyn & Lulus collections are produced is situated in the region Guangzhou in China. The factory is specialized in swimwear and sportswear and has around a hundred employees. It is certified in the program "Working Conditions Assessment (WCA)" for the respect of minimum wages. The factory offers good working conditions for its employees according to the International Labour Organization, ILO.
Fabric & Material
Avalyn & Lulu's second swimwear collection is made in the fabric REPREVE. The fibers in the fabric come from recycled plastic, mainly post-consumed plastic bottles, and are made into luxurious fabric. By using REPREVE we do not only help in the process of cleaning the oceans and nature from plastic, but we are also avoiding using virgin fibers and making new carbon footprints on our planet.