A V A L Y N  &  L U L U
[av-ah-lin + loo-loo]


Avalyn & Lulu is an independently owned Swedish lifestyle brand that creates high quality beachwear and accessories. The collections are designed in our atelier in Paris, produced in Bali and found exclusively in our online boutique. Each piece is inspired from our travels, women we meet and vintage style-icons. In a time of overconsumption and a need of change in our shopping behaviors, we do not want to be another brand that sells swimwear in a fast-fashion manner.
As a small brand, our collections are limited but carefully put together. With a mix of details from the trends of the 70´s, 80´s and 90´s, we wish to create swimwear that lasts for more than one season. Bringing in elements that make the swimwear feel timeless yet modern is a way for us to create collections that are not bound to seasons or trend reports. Our goal is instead to create styles that makes the wearer feel beautiful and confident, season after season.
The birth of Avalyn & Lulu took place a couple of years ago. Over a phone-call between France and Sweden one afternoon in July 2016 to be precise. When one of us were enjoying the dazzling sun in France and the other one was packing for a trip to Greece. Vacation calls for swimwear and we realized that we both had troubles finding the bikinis and swimsuits with that perfect fit, style and color we were looking for. Plans were worked out that summer and soon put into action.
The co-founders originate from two different work backgrounds; Cecilia from the fashion industry and Linna from e-commerce and logistics. After realizing our mutual passion for resort wear we brought our suitable experiences together to create a new beachlife concept. And like that, Avalyn and Lulu was born.
We believe knowledge is power. We know climate change is real and fashion is not making it better. The fashion industry leaves a huge footprint on our world today. In fact, it is one of the most polluting industries in the world and the second largest consumer of water. From the textile production to the transportation of fabrics around the world, making clothes unfortunately fuels this global climate crisis.
Let's face it; as a fashion company, we should be accountable for more than just profits. Even when the struggle for a small brand is real.
As consumer awareness grows alongside the growth of consumption, consumers will start expecting more from the brands they buy from. Sustainability and fair labor practices should play a larger role in our purchasing decisions.
Transparency is how we as a brand build trust with you as a customer.  From now on, we are taking actions. Avalyn & Lulus upcoming and future collections will be made in recycled fabrics and our packaging in eco-and animal friendly materials.  It is a matter of willpower and it is all attainable. We will start by doing our part and contribute wherever we can
It's about slowing down and involve choice of quality before quantity. There is a lot of work to be done in order to convert the fashion industry from being concerned with fast fashion to focus more on slow fashion. We want to be vocal for what we stand for, both ethically and environmentally. We think baby-steps are better than no-steps.

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