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Swimwear Care Guide

One important factor when it comes to having a sustainable wardrobe is to take care of your pieces and handle them with love. A small effort is required from you to take care of them in the way they deserve and to make them last a long time. You know the rules, if possible, mend when broken instead of throwing away, avoid ironing or washing too hot or too often to put less pressure on both the garment and the planet. Buy eco-friendly washing products in packaging that can be either refilled or recycled. Same rules should be applied to your swimwear and having a sustainable and gentle laundry routine is key. 

Care guide Avalyn & Lulu swimwear

So how do you take care of your Avalyn & Lulu swimwear in best possible way? First of all, our new collection is made from a premium Italian fabric that keeps its color and shape while you live your best summer life on the beach or by the pool. But we do have some extra advices to share with you in order to keep them in good shape. Here is a little check list to follow: 

Care instructions Avalyn & Lulu swimwear
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