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How To Wear the Aurora Swimsuit

Avalyn & Lulu styling Aurora swimsuit
Here at Avalyn & Lulu we are all for having a smart wardrobe. With that we mean a wardrobe built of long lasting pieces that are made from a high quality fabric as well as being versatile. When creating the swimsuit for collection #3 we wanted to improve our popular style Veronica from collection #2. With small adjustments we made her easy to style in different ways, with the cut outs in the front or in the back.  
Avalyn & Lulu styling Aurora swimsuit
We had seen a number of costumers wearing our Veronica swimsuit with the cut outs in front and decided to improve the fit for our new collection. We added a seam around the waist to make it more flattering and comfortable, we kept the removable padding and added a curved neckline to bring more attention to the side without lacing. Since we want to stay true to the brands DNA, the swimsuit is a classic piece with details that makes it unique. And why not wear it as a body with a skirt or shorts even off the beach?
Avalyn & Lulu styling Aurora swimsuit
How are you gonna style your Aurora swimsuit this summer?
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