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How To Wear the Mila Bikini Top

Mila bikini set by Avalyn & Lulu
When creating the bikini for collection #3 we wanted to improve our popular style Maya from collection #2. In fact, we kept seeing our costumers wearing the top reversed, the back part in front, and realized that this top actually had the potential to be way more versatile than we had first thought. So, we created the bikini Mila.
Avalyn & Lulu Mila bikini set
We started by adding pockets for removable padding on both sides of the bikini. Weather you prefer the more classic fit with the curved neckline in front or the sexier version with the cut out ties, you can always trust on that extra support. The ties in the front/back and over the shoulders are long enough to be styled in several ways. Therefore, it's also more suitable to different body types and sizes.
Mila bikini set by Avalyn & Lulu
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